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We are Lisa and Meagan, a mother/daughter duo on a mission to provide you with a variety of unique products: apparel, accessories, home goods and gifts-- all in the convenience of your own home!  We are excited to work with YOU, our customer.  We know that you have endless shopping options, and we are truly honored that you would consider supporting our small business.

Lisa is a seasoned entrepreneur and has been a partner in the Country Junction ice cream and gift shop in Centennial, Wyoming, for nearly 25 years. (If you haven't been there, you must go!)  Meagan is a practicing speech-language pathologist, branching out into a new realm. She and her husband are hopeful adoptive parents-to-be, waiting for a little one to find his or her way home to us.

We would love to hear your feedback-- both what you're loving and what you would like to see.  Email us your thoughts at hello@littlelaramietrading.com. 

Thank you for visiting!

Meagan and Lisa


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